Planning and Budgeting

Planning and budgeting are at the heart of every successful business activity. In addition, these activities significantly determine the success of the company’s cooperation with banks and other business partners.

Having in mind the importance of these activities which are occasional but very challenging and time consuming, successful companies engage all their best resources for their realization. Their practice has also shown significant advantages of the cooperation with skilled and experienced professionals on that field.
The main activities in this process where we are able to provide you professional support with our knowledge and long-lasting experience are the following:
  • STRUCTURING OF FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS and business models for their follow up
  • CREATION OF ANNUAL BUDGETS and related action plans
  • DEFINITION OF KPIs (key performance indicators) and set-up of the framework for their monitoring
  • CAPITAL BUDGETING and financial development of investment
  • BUSINESS PLANS related to the new financing requirements