Treasury Advisory

Companies financial operations are very exposed to the various market risks as: liquidity, foreign exchange, price of commodities and interest rates. Identification and management of these risks is the main task of corporate treasury operations. In addition to previous, proper cash management and structuring of funding activities are the corner stones of the successful financials operations in every company. As companies grow, financial risks evolve and existing treasury management policies and procedures has to be upgraded

Main instruments for the realization of the advanced corporate treasury operations are well structured and reliable banking products and services on the field of:

  • cash management
  • short and long term funding
  • trade finance
  • collection of receivables
  • market risks hedging
  • operations with securities

Based on our broad professional treasury expertise and long-lasting experience we are able to provide you with the support to set-up or reorganize your treasury operations to be more secured and efficient. In practice, that means: a reduction in banking transaction costs, reduced borrowing, improved financial capacity, better risk control and hedging, reliable company management etc.