Bank Relationship

It is well-known that bank relationship management have numerous positive impacts on a company. In all areas of business, proper choice of a commercial bank and optimal portfolio of banking products and services can significantly improve business results. Active and well structured approach on that field is recognized as the key factor for the business success among the most of the top managers. Previous is particularly important in Serbia where companies still don’t have any other reliable alternative to bank support in order to secure the necessary capital for their operations and investments.

Our experience is based on thousands of directly created successful partnerships between companies and banks and as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the domestic market conditions. We are able to consult you upon the selection of an adequate commercial bank and structuring of the optimal package of banking products and services to suit best your business profile in the light of yours:

  • Business cycle and capital structure of the business¬†
  • The cash management cycle and the level of liquidity
  • Exposures to market risks and needs for adequate hedging instruments
  • Scope of international activities and needs for trade finance services
  • Investment strategy
  • Client base structure
  • Sales channels
  • Technical level of business activities
  • Structure of employees
  • Plans and budget

Finally, in addition to selecting a suitable bank and structuring of the banking relationship, we are able to support you to obtain the best conditions for your company both in terms of quality and the pricing of products and services.