Professional Business Services

During establishing and developing of your activities there is continuous need for various types of professional services, which are necessary for the safe and efficient realization of your core business activities as: securing and equipping an adequate business space, recruiting an adequate person to manage local activities, engaging lawyers, providing quality accounting and tax support, creating a website etc.

We could support you to establish relationship with the best quality providers of professional services, based on your final choice, among our partners which are high quality specialized entities on the field of:

  • legal services
  • executive search and recruiting
  • accounting and tax services
  • payroll and HR administration
  • IT services
  • real-estate services
  • technical advisory
  • marketing & PR services

In addition, we are qualified to best represent your interests in realizing activities with professional service providers, in the extent and over a period of time that suits you, in accordance with the dynamics of your business development in the local market.