Financial Structuring

Financial structuring of project finance is very complex and time consuming activity, but rewarded with financing for the realization of the investment. With our support you will be able to structure  main elements for the project financing and future negotiations with lenders such as: 

  • Defining the OPTIMAL CAPITAL STRUCTURE OF THE PROJECT i.e. how to structure optimal and feasible portion of equity, senior debt, subordinated loans or mezzanine finance 
  • Identification of methods HOW TO OBTAIN DEBT AND EQUITY CAPITAL
  • DEFINITION OF THE MAIN FINANCIAL ELEMENTS as: assumptions for risk allocation, debt to equity ratio, cover ratios, funding currencies and tenors, frequency of draw-down and repayment schedule, structure of interest rate, market risk hedging instruments, VAT structure, stand-by facility etc.
  • BUDGET FOR DIRECT AND INDIRECT INVESTMENT during the development and construction phase of the project
  • Structuring and contraction of SALES AND SUPPLY agreements 
  • Budgeting of the WORKING CAPITAL AND OPERATING EXPENSES during utilization phase of the project
  • Installation of the  efficient CONTROL OVER PROJECT COMPANY’S CASH FLOW 
  • Assisting in the preparation of the FINANCIAL PLAN FOR THE PROJECT UTILIZATION after development and construction phase