Project Development

The period during which the project is conceived, contracts are in place and project finance is prepared, is usually considered as the project development.End of it is known as the “Financial Close”, after which construction phase is following before the final utilization phase of the project.

Project finance development requires a systematic and organized approach to solving and carrying out a long list of complex tasks. You could count on our complete support to your preparation for cooperation with other parties. There are various activities which has to be done, once active development of the project is under way. Handling those actions taking extra work and time and considering knowledge and experience on the field of:

  • ORGANIZATION AND CONTROL OF INITIAL DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES ON THE PROJECT which are usually involving long list of various participants: technical advisers, legal counselors, financial advisers, bookkeepers, suppliers, buyers, insurers etc.
  • HIGHLIGHTING PROBLEMS WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN CONSIDERED but that must be resolved to ensure the successful project realization
  • ORGANIZING SYSTEMS FOR TIMELY AND ACCURATE REPORTING according to contractual obligations
  • COORDINATING WITH FINANCE PROVIDERS in regard to documentation and due diligence preparations 
  • Ensure timely COMPLIANCE WITH ALL CONDITIONS PRECEDENT and other contractual obligations
  • COORDINATE THE DRAW-DOWN AND REPAYMENT formalities for debt facilities and to monitor compliance with financing conditions during initial phase